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Cosmos 3D is pioneer in 3D printing solutions for the construction industry

Finalists in the Environmental Impact category of the Construction Industry Sustainability Awards held in Los Angeles (EEUU).
Participating member in the UN COP28 conference focused on building a sustainable and environmentally committed future.
Technology Sponsors at the most important GRI Club events in the world. Madrid, Paris, São Paulo, New York.


The COSMOS+ modular construction system surfaces with the objective of showcasing the substantial productivity and efficiency of COSMOS 3D printers. It also establishes the groundwork for a modular construction system based on 3D-printed components, offering versatile housing solutions.

Cosmos 3D Technology

The COSMOS X-I system has been designed to deliver a simple, efficient, and precise printing experience.

The construction industry is going through global changes. The Cosmos X-I enhances the efficiency of construction processes and empowers you to achieve a competitive edge.

Our 3D printing system has been engineered and designed to meet the most demanding requirements of the construction industry, particularly in mass printing of housing units with a high degree of quality and reliability.

The engineering and materials used in the Cosmos 3D system ensure a high-speed 3D printing process at an optimal cost, harnessing the most advanced technology in the field of 3D printing for construction, along with years of experience in additive manufacturing.

Discover how our 3D printer can transform your construction projects and elevate your productivity to the next level.

About us

We design and develop the finest 3D printing technology for the construction market. We take pride in being a comprehensive solution, offering customers everything they need to achieve success in 3D Construction Printing (3DCP) projects.