Cosmos 3D at the COP28 Conference: Technological Innovation for a Sustainable Future

In a world increasingly aware of the importance of tackling climate change, the COP28 Conference held in Dubai stands as a crucial meeting point for leaders, companies and organisations committed to creating a sustainable future. In this context, Cosmos 3D has been part of the event as an international benchmark solution in the 3D construction of concrete and mortar houses. The contribution of cutting-edge solutions and the undeniable ambition to achieve maximum sustainability in the construction sector have made Cosmos 3D one of the attractions of COP28.

Cosmos 3D’s participation in the COP28 Conference represents not only a further step for the project, but also a tangible commitment to climate action. From its position as a construction smart system, Cosmos 3D has presented a series of initiatives and solutions that demonstrate how technology can play a key role in achieving circular dynamics.

Cosmos 3D’s environmental commitment

The approach adopted by Cosmos 3D since its inception implies a plausible commitment to sustainable practices. This commitment focuses on reducing waste generation by up to 90% thanks to fully automated production and precise control of material consumption. Cosmos 3D has also set itself the goal of becoming carbon neutral by 2030, exploring alternatives to conventional cement, a known generator of CO2 emissions.

As traditional civil construction is responsible for high greenhouse gas emissions, mainly due to the manufacture of concrete and cement, Cosmos 3D is investing in the development of an alternative, more sustainable concrete with lower GHG emissions.

Cosmos 3D has introduced a variety of technological solutions designed to address the most pressing environmental issues in the construction industry. From renewable energy systems to smart waste management platforms, Cosmos 3D has demonstrated its commitment to a way of working that is not only business efficient, but also environmentally friendly.

Collaborations and Partnerships at COP28

During the conference, Cosmos 3D has established collaborations and strategic alliances with other companies committed to sustainability. These partnerships aim to drive joint research and the implementation of technologies that will accelerate the transition to a greener future.

This search for solutions involves not only the creation of advanced technologies, but also their implementation on a global scale. In this sense, Cosmos 3D’s strategic alliances seek not only to accelerate the research and development of green technologies, but also to facilitate their global adoption.

Moreover, these partnerships go beyond the business sphere, as Cosmos 3D also seeks to collaborate with governmental and non-governmental organisations that share the same vision of a future without a housing shortage.

Cosmos 3D’s Long Term Commitment

Beyond its high-profile participation at COP28, Cosmos 3D has reaffirmed its long-term commitment to sustainability. The construction smart system has announced ambitious plans to further develop innovative technologies that address environmental challenges, helping to achieve global climate goals.

Cosmos 3D’s presence at the COP28 conference was a demonstration of how technological innovation can play a pivotal role in building a better global context. As the project continues to lead the way towards environmental solutions, its participation in events such as COP28 demonstrates that technology is not only part of the problem, but also an integral part of the solution to the climate challenges we face.