Cosmos 3D nominated for the Construction Industry Sustainability Awards

In an exciting development for sustainable innovation, Cosmos 3D has been nominated for the prestigious Construction Industry Sustainability Awards, which recognise exceptional leadership and outstanding achievement in the field of sustainable construction. The outstanding Cosmos 3D project developed by IT3D Group and KATZ Construções is among the finalists in the Environmental Impact category, recognising exceptional efforts to reduce carbon emissions, minimise resource consumption and promote sustainable practices.

The Construction Industry Sustainability Awards celebrate innovation and commitment to sustainable construction by highlighting those visionary leaders, YPO members, who are setting the standard for a greener future. Cosmos 3D, with its revolutionary approach to the construction industry, using 3D printing to build homes and structures, has demonstrated an exceptional commitment to reducing waste and mitigating environmental impact.

Transforming Construction with 3D Printing

Cosmos 3D, a project led by Daniel Katz (Katz Construçoes) and Rubén García (IT3D Group), has developed a 3D printing total solution that is changing the game rules in construction. One of the main features that has highlighted the project as a finalist in the Environmental Impact category is the virtually zero waste generation in its construction process. While conventional construction produces between 25% and 30% waste, Cosmos 3D has managed to minimise this figure by 90%.

The innovative 3D ECO-mortar used by Cosmos 3D is key to this drastic waste reduction. This breakthrough not only reduces the amount of waste, but also contributes to the reduction of the carbon footprint associated with construction.

In addition, the implementation of a single Cosmos 3D construction smart system allows the user to produce up to 10 times faster with a single machine, proving that sustainability can go hand in hand with efficiency and productivity.

Building a Sustainable Future

In addition to waste management efficiency, Cosmos 3D has also set itself the goal of becoming carbon neutral by exploring alternatives to conventional cement. Motivated by the reality that cement manufacture in traditional civil construction is responsible for high greenhouse gas emissions, Cosmos 3D is investing in the development of an alternative, more sustainable material with lower GHG emissions.

Cosmos 3D’s nomination for the Construction Industry Sustainability Awards is in recognition of its dedication and vision to transform construction into a more environmentally friendly industry. The awards ceremony, which will take place at the CIN World Summit in Los Angeles, California, will be the stage where the winner will be revealed live. Cosmos 3D is looking forward to the outcome, as it continues to lead the way towards a more sustainable future in the construction industry.