The COSMOS 3D construction system is the fusion of printers equipped with the most advanced technology, construction materials tailored for 3D printing, and specialized software that streamlines the construction of homes and large-scale structures. Each component of the system has been meticulously designed and constructed with the mission of building residences with efficiency, sustainability, safety, and the utmost quality in mind. Our printers perfectly integrate 3D printing, robotics, and materials science to achieve a harmonious synergy.

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Cosmos X-I Printer

COSMOS X-I stands as our groundbreaking large-scale 3D printing system for the realm of construction.

We’ve cultivated an innovative technology that strives to address not only the global housing crisis but also contributes to our ongoing efforts to combat the climate crisis.

The COSMOS X-I construction system consists of the COSMOS X-I printer and an integrated mixing/pumping station that readies construction material for 3D printing. The entire printer assembly is overseen by an intelligent robot that prepares 3D architectural models for real printing and monitors the system during the process, ensuring the utmost process quality and project requirements are met. In this capacity, the robot autonomously detects and rectifies operational errors.

COSMOS X-I represents a cutting-edge large-format 3D printer, characterized by its adaptability and high efficiency. It facilitates the printing of prefabricated modules within controlled indoor environments or even entire houses outdoors.

The printer has been engineered for swift installation within warehouses or temporary facilities near construction zones, or for agile transportation to construction sites, easily shifting from one location to another. Our team can print directly onto the ground or onto a foundation.

COSMOS X-I has the capacity to print single-story houses and structures more swiftly than conventional methods, with reduced waste and enhanced design flexibility.

The COSMOS X-I printer is the culmination of years of research and ongoing enhancements to our 3D additive manufacturing printers for construction.

Material Station

Our material mixing and dosing stations are built upon the concept of a smart and portable unit, fully interconnected with our robot, forming an autonomous and intelligent printing system that elevates printing processes to a superior level of efficiency.

The station boasts advanced features for managing and controlling printing parameters, working in perfect harmony with the printer. This simplifies the use of market-standard materials as well as intricate and high-performance cementitious materials and mortars.

Integrated within the COSMOS X-I, the station blends the material with additives and water, automatically adjusting the mix proportions and parameters based on local weather conditions. It regulates the process to provide the print-ready material.

The sensor technology applied to both the pumping station and the printer itself renders the COSMOS X-I system exceptionally intelligent and configurable for housing and construction element fabrication. The station houses static or transportable silos of various capacities, ensuring a constant supply to the printer for any project.


The proprietary software developed by COSMOS 3D for CAD 3D model preparation is COSMOS CURA.

COSMOS CURA generates and prepares architectural designs for 3D printing, subsequently controlling the onsite robotic hardware to transform digital blueprints into physical projects. This additive manufacturing software has been tailored and refined to oversee all aspects of printing operations through an intuitive and user-friendly interface.

The COSMOS CURA slicing software prepares digital models to be accurately interpreted by the COSMOS X4, aimed at creating 3D printed structures of the utmost quality.

COSMOS CURA stands as a potent tool for strategy preparation and printing planning, enabling machine learning and predictive analysis of the printing processes.