Smart Manufacturing

We eradicate the constraints of conventional construction with our fully automated 3D printers. We facilitate exceptional quality control in both the process and the product. Furthermore, we guarantee a substantial reduction in labor and on-site delivery times.

Standardization and connectivity underpin our intelligent system for digital transformation and the integration of connectivity into our printers.

Our printers are managed through data-driven decisions gleaned from dependable data collected by various sensors and installed devices.

Digitization of the model empowers us to maintain control over equipment situated at diverse locations and gather data for monitoring and analysis, encompassing predictive maintenance.


Enhancing the production capacity of our printers by refining processes and automating both production and quality control.

High availability

Increase the availability in our printers. This involves avoiding printing interruptions, preventing errors, and saving maintenance efforts.

Ease of implementation

From this disruptive technology in the real world of construction, we achieved this by making environments more intuitive through HMI and enhancing the user experience with our slicing software, COSMOS CURA.

Printing Process Quality

The high level of robotization in our system elevates our equipment and their 3D printing processes in the realms of Industry 4.0 and construction.

The precision of the devices, combined with rigorous parametric control of printing variables, affords us an unprecedented process quality and surface accuracy.

Some of the advantages our printing system yields include:

Cutting-Edge Slicing Software

Our patented slicing software seamlessly transforms CAD models into industrial-standard 3D printable files, obviating the necessity for intricate robotic programming.

The web interface affords users straightforward control over the printer, accessible via touch screen through WiFi or Ethernet across all devices.

Numerous cameras are strategically placed on the print head and the printer structure, providing real-time monitoring of the printing process through all control devices.

Fully Secure, UE Certified

The COSMOS X-I printer is equipped with a comprehensive software-controlled safety system, with processes assessed and mirrored by different hardware and software safety devices.

The COSMOS X-I construction printer holds the CE certification, and its safety level has been appraised by SGS, an authorized independent accreditation body.

The printer can operate without a safety barrier in controlled environments and can function at speeds of up to 250 mm/s. For open environments involving unrelated individuals to the COSMOS 3D team and higher speeds, a safety barrier installation is required to comply with EU certification.

The COSMOS X-I system is fully in accordance with the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC – EU Declaration and the EU robot directives.

Customizable Size According to Client Needs

The modular configuration of our COSMOS printers offers flexibility to align with client requirements, allowing customization based on the specifics of each construction project plan. The 3D printer can be expanded or downsized in dimension to suit both large and small-scale projects.

Labor Reduction

The COSMOS X-I printer only requires three operators for operation during printing. This operation involves a properly trained human team, consisting of a printing supervisor for printer control, a materials operator to monitor the pumping station, and a printing assistant. The same team will also be trained to install and uninstall the printer in various environments.

The user-friendly nature of the team’s tasks and the minimal required personnel substantially decrease labor costs and optimize efficiency on the construction site.

Material Selection Ease

To streamline adherence to industry standards and broaden the spectrum of materials, the COSMOS X-I has been designed to accommodate a wide range of materials. This flexibility empowers our clients to utilize materials from local suppliers. The extruder can handle aggregates of up to 8 mm, enabling the printing of real concrete, not just lighter materials.

At the present, we possess a diverse array of materials specifically tailored for 3D printing, and we also possess protocols for adapting any market-available material for validation in 3D printing using our equipment. Our materials exhibit high compressive strength, surpassing values of 90 MPa. Our mortars even outmatch the strength and density of concrete available in the market, coupled with swift and flexible curing to withstand the tensions arising during the curing and transportation process.

Material Station

To streamline adherence to industry standards and embrace a wider spectrum of materials, the COSMOS X has been designed to accommodate an extensive variety of materials. This also empowers our clients to utilize materials from local suppliers. The extruder can handle aggregates of up to 8 mm, enabling the printing of actual concrete, not just mortars. Currently, we offer a diverse range of materials tailored specifically for 3D printing, alongside protocols for adapting any market-available material for validation in 3D printing using our equipment.

Our materials exhibit high compressive strength, exceeding values of 90 MPa. Our mortars are even stronger and lighter than concrete available in the market, featuring rapid and flexible curing to withstand the tensions arising during the curing and transportation process.

The mixing/pumping station offers various configurations in terms of size and supply capacity. We have multiple scalable options of dosing pumps to meet the requirements of each project to be printed. Our standard product line ranges from manual feed hoppers of 1.2 m³ to stationary silos (max. 100 m³) and flexible conveying systems (3-30 m), available with an array of lifting systems.

Equipment Warranty With Highest Quality

The manufacturing of Cosmos 3D technology adheres to the highest European standards.

All structures are crafted from steel and feature specifications that ensure their quality and durability. Every component of the 3D printer is manufactured in accordance with IP44 classification for indoor use or IP66 for heavy-duty outdoor environments. Special materials and coatings ensure that the printer’s structure remains safe for use in humid and corrosive settings (such as coastal areas, for instance).

The lightweight nature, coupled with the remarkable rigidity of the steel structure, ensures a robust and enduring construction. This guarantees stable and reliable printing year after year.

Printing on Irregular Surfaces

For the printing of modular structures, a leveled surface is necessary to ensure that prefabricated parts are perfectly aligned and ready for swift on-site assembly.

It’s worth noting that when printing on an irregular surface, during the initial layers, the printer can automatically compensate for these irregularities layer by layer until the resulting print is completely leveled. This ensures a consistently leveled top wall, even in the case of highly irregular foundations, when printing is conducted directly at the construction site.

Sustainability and Ecology

Our additive manufacturing equipment is founded on the principle of depositing material precisely where needed, resulting in a remarkable 99% reduction in waste during the printing process in contrast to conventional construction methods.

Furthermore, we possess the capability to employ low-carbon emission materials, recycled materials, and natural resources that can be reused after adjustments to their rheological properties.

These measures substantially curtail our carbon footprint and CO2 emissions throughout the entire process.