Cosmos 3D now part of the exclusive GRI Club

The link of Cosmos 3D as official technology sponsor in the prestigious GRI Club events is a very important step both for the project and for the Real Estate industry. With the events held in key international cities such as Paris, Madrid, São Paulo or New York, Cosmos 3D demonstrates its commitment to innovation, its leadership in 3D manufacturing and its necessary relevance in the Real Estate environment.

Cosmos 3D technology not only improves efficiency and sustainability in construction, but also provides a significant competitive advantage in the industry. Cosmos 3D enables smart construction while addressing labour shortages and reducing accident risks. The commitment to promote a holistic approach that not only optimises resources, but also contributes to community well-being and sustainable development is a highly valued factor in the real estate environment.

Cosmos 3D members at the GRI Club

In addition to the presence of Cosmos 3D as an official technology sponsor, the aforementioned events have been attended by prominent personalities of the project. Cosmos 3D CEOs Rubén García and Daniel Katz took part in the events as members of the exclusive GRI Club, sharing their knowledge about the evolution of international Real Estate with the rest of the club members and leaders in the sector.

João Haudenschild, Chief Strategy Officer of Cosmos 3D; Juan Antonio Edo, Expansion Manager; and Daniel Ramírez, specialised architect of the project, have also participated in the GRI Club meetings, supporting Cosmos 3D as a technological sponsor.

Cosmos 3D’s participation in these events would not have been possible without the support of important leaders of the GRI Club. Special thanks to Gustavo Favaron, CEO and Managing Partner of the GRI Club, for his warm welcome and continuous support. In addition, during the GRI Club Spain 2024, partners such as Diego Tavares, Laura Sancesario and Loredana Carollo Vasquez provided invaluable support.

Looking to the Future

Being part of the GRI Club allows Cosmos 3D not only to present its technological innovations, but also to participate in crucial conversations about the trends and challenges facing the global real estate industry. These events provide an ideal platform to exchange ideas and explore new opportunities that are shaping the future of the sector.

Cosmos 3D’s participation in GRI Club events in cities such as Madrid, Paris, São Paulo and New York has been an enriching and rewarding experience. As an official technology sponsor, Cosmos 3D continues to lead the way towards smarter and more sustainable construction, and looks forward to continuing to contribute to growth and innovation in the global real estate market.